Meet Mike Uhrick

Watch this moving interview and see how Mike’s life was changed when he stumbled upon a simple offer and decided to come in to Fred Astaire Dance Studio for a FREE Private Dance Lesson.

Now, 7 years later, Not only he has lost over 100 lbs, he’s kept it off with tons of fun and minumum efforts. He is happier, and has learned a skill that will last him a lifetime and is having a blast while doing it.

The following is the transcription of his interview. Please be sure to make a comment below and let us know what you think!

Mike Uhrick first came to Fred Astaire Dance Studio on December, 2007 and has been dancing with us ever since. He lost over 103 lbs during his first 28-month journey with dancing.

What made you decide to come in and join The Fred Astaire Dance Studio?

  • Mainly to lose some weight, I was way overweight
  • Meet some new people, and make some new friends
  • Get out of the house and do something instead of sitting around the house too much

What were your goals when you first started dancing?

  • I thought I lose some weight but I never thought I lose this much weight.
  • In the last 12 months it’s been pretty drastic and it’s been coming off pretty good and it’s continuing to come off.

What has dancing done for you?

  • I lost a lot of weight since I started dancing
  • It’s added years to my life
  • Feeling younger. People tell me I look younger
  • I’m not as shy as I used to be
  • I can talk in front of a group now
  • It’s forced me to buy a whole new wardrobe

Mike comes to the studio about 3 to 5 times a week . He also gets about 1 hour of practice a week outside of the studio.

Tell us more about your Weight Loss journey. What did you do before dancing and how did it work?

  • I tried get out and walk some
  • I attempted some diets
  • I tried some exercises at home, never really went to any gym or anything
  • I tend to procrastinate and I’d be really hip about doing it for a couple of weeks and then it would stop
  • I have been able to stick with this one… So…,

What can you tell us about your Journey with Fred Astaire and Dance? And How do you feel now?

  • Oh, I feel great. When I look at pictures of about 3 years ago I don’t even recognize myself. I don’t even look like the same person anymore.
  • I feel like that it’s had to have added years to my life expectancy. People tell me that I look 10 years younger, which is surprising to me but that’s the kind of positive comments I’ve been getting
  • You can set a goal and you can reach that goal
  • Learning to dance is all about steps, obviously… making small steps
  • But what I really got out of it is that learning is all the same. You do something, like dance or weight loss for example, one step at a time and at the end you look back and you’re like… “wow, I accomplished that goal”

Mike has received about 150 private dance lessons in the last 3 years.

Are you happy about What Dancing and Fred Astaire Studios has done for you?

Yes, I came in basically trying to get some exercise and lose some weight.  And I can dance now. I have a skill. And I tend to think I’m pretty good at it and I’m getting better every time. So, Yes I’m happy about it.

What was it like the first time you came into the dance studio?

I’ll be honest. I was kind of shy and I felt a little intimidated at first. You come in here and see people dancing very well and you’re thinking: “oh, well, I’m never going to get to that level. And I learned real quickly that no matter where you are and at any level and beginning, as you get better, everybody is very supportive of you and gives encouragement to you and they give you tips and people help you practice. It’s nice.

What would be your advice to people about dancing?

I found it very fun and challenging. Everyday I’d come in here for a lesson and it’s always something new. It’s either a new step or maybe going back and work on something you’ve done before and making it better. But it’s always something interesting and new every time I come in here.

Mike has participated in several Studio and Regional Competition Events and has performed several dance routines in different studio shows and productions.

What are your goals now that you’ve gotten this far?

Well, I kind of have a running joke that every time I hit a goal that I’ve been trying to reach, as far as my weight, I say: “Well, I want to lose another 20 lbs.” But as far as the dancing goes, just learning more dances and getting better continuing to grow and improve and always trying to be perfect at it.

What would you say to someone who’s in the same position you were in?

I’d say “give it a try”. I was a little nervous when I first came in here and didn’t know what to expect. I came in and took the free lesson and was very impressed that how supportive everybody was and it wasn’t all that scary. So, I’d say give it a try and see what you think? If you like it, go with it.

Well, Mike. You said that dancing have changed your life. Has it helped you with the ladies at all?

Well, the short answer is: Yes, it has a lot.

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