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  1. 11-24-2009

    My name is Pat Curtain. I’ve been a student at Fred Astaire studios for almost two years. It will be two years in March.

    My reason for joining was that I lost my husband to Cancer almost 4 years ago and I was ready to start living again and enjoying life and I knew dancing would be a good outlet for me.

    So, here I am, I’ve been dancing now and just enjoying it, and stating to do competitions and involved in the ladies dance team which is a lot of fun and just having a blast.

  2. 12-18-2009

    Hello I’m Debbie Bates and I first started dancing with Fred Astaire about three years ago. I was first introduced to the studio through some information that was delivered through my business and so I slipped in one afternoon met the directors, and the rest is history.

    I started dancing immediately. It was something I always wanted to do as a young guy and never pursued that until I was an adult. So, I continued to get started with classes signed up, fell in love with the instructors and directors and met new people, made new friends.

    3 weeks later, after I started my first class I entered my first dance competition and continued to pursue that; Get involved with shows, exhibitions, and continued to learn more through the directors and instructors.

    I would recommend this highly to anyone. It has helped my self esteem, my self confidence. In addition to all the fun events and activities we get to do sharing together every day.

  3. 2-2-2010

    We’ve been with Fred Astaire studios for about three year now and we came in here originally to learn how to dance because we’ve always wanted to dance.

    You know all our lives we’ve wanted to dance. So, we came in here and we found it like a home, Everybody is very friendly and we enjoy what we do, and actually, especially for me, when I get off work and I come in here, it’s very relaxing to dance and learn some new things.

    Since we’ve been here we’ve been in all the shows. The first year we danced with the instructors and then after that we decided hey, we are old enough to be on our own so we did solos.

    My wife and I have done that twice so, we enjoy doing it.

  4. 2-24-2010

    I have been with Fred Astaire for more than a year now and I’m very pleased to be here.

    I feel I have achieved quite a bit in dancing, in the level of confidence on the floor, and also, a good frame I have developed over time and a good posture. This is a good place to be as a past time and as a hobby and I would like to have my wife say a few words.

  5. 2-24-2010

    My husband and I both love to be here at Fred Astaire. We basically came here to learn ballroom dancing and we find Fred Astaire a great group of people to be with.

    We feel like they’re family to us and all the instructors are fun, the owners are fun, the events are great, we just love to be here and we are very pleased to be here.

  6. 2-26-2010

    We’ve been coming to Fred Astaire for about 6 months dancing. It started out as a valentines gift card to Allen, because he’s always wanted to do it; so we started out doing that. and the rest is history. Now, 6 months later, and we’re here loving it.

    We just love the togetherness of doing something like dancing, it’s just fantastic. It’s really a good form of exercise, and we just love the instructor. I really couldn’t think of anything better to do after work then just kind-of escaping into dancing.

  7. 3-24-2010

    We’ve been married quite a long time and we’ve found that through our dancing it has not only strengthened our marriage, it’s also brought us closer together.

  8. 3-26-2010

    Hi, I’m C.C. Clark and I’ve been dancing at Fred Astaire for about 2 years. I originally came in when I lost my sister and I was finding it difficult to cope, and off course dancing with the stars was on, and one day I just got in my car and drove over here, got an introductory package and I’ve been here ever since.

    In February of 2008, I completed at Freddy Ball and I won best “Newcomer”. Yay!!! 4 days after that I was in a car accident and I had a broken neck – C2 fracture. I was out of dancing then for six months or so. I

    ’ve been back for a few months and I’m dancing again. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s more fun than I’ve ever had. The people are fabulous. Everybody showed up for me – Everybody. They’re not just my dancing alumni, they’re my friends and I love each and every one of them. It’s the best thing, you should all come.

  9. 3-28-2010

    My husband Mathew and I started coming to Fred Astaire about a year and a half ago and we’ve been taking dance classes now about two times a week and just loving it.

    We both used to go to the Gym but now we come dancing. The thing about dancing is that it works all parts of your body, but you do it having fun. You don’t even realize that you’re working out. I used to work out with weights and now I dance.

    It’s great for your posture, it’s great for your endurance, it’s also great for your social life. Because Fred Astaire has a lot of functions all the time, a lot of dance parties and a lot of gatherings where you can go and use all of your skills. We’ve met so many friends and Fred Astaire has become like our second home now.

  10. 4-10-2010

    I’m Pam and I’m taking classes at the Fred Astaire studio. Patrick is my instructor, my main instructor. I came here because I wanted to add to my normal workout with my personal trainer that I do 3 days a week.

    I’ve always wanted to do ballroom dancing and learn it. So, I’ve just sort of combined exercise and fun and I’ve been having a great time. I’m really looking forward to my first exhibition when we’re gonna do the Cha-cha

  11. 11-8-2010

    I was just checking out your website and I wanted to say I enjoyed it. I just found it on when searching for “fred astaire biography” (who would have thought right 🙂

  12. 6-2-2011

    I have learned so much from my instructor @ Fred Astaire Indy North. I’ve been dancing right at a year and a half, and in that short time, she has helped me go from knowing nothing, to “dancing the night away”. All of the staff @ Indy North are wonderful people and friends. Ballroom dancing has been a life changing experience for me. I recommend dancing to anyone who likes to have fun! It’s a great way to stay fit as well!

    PS: Cha-Cha is my favorite!

    Kelly J.

  13. 6-2-2011

    My name is Bill and I started dancing about 5 months ago. Never thought I would dance, but I attended a guest party and really enjoyed the atmosphere and the people. Not being from the area, it also gave me an opportunity to meet new people. The other students are very friendly and easy to talk to and the instructors are all very talented and great to be around. Whether you’ve danced for years, or you’re just starting out like I was, the instructors make you feel comfortable and most of all enjoy yourself while at the studio. It’s definitely a great place to go after a long day at work; I found that I am happier and more relaxed when I leave the studio, than when I arrived at the studio.

    Thanks to the amazing work of my instructor, lessons with Lindsey, and the classes with Rosie, Jonah, Dan, and Nicole, I was able to compete at the Midwest Competition in May. I was a treat to work with everyone; each instructor brings something different to the table and different perspectives. I had an awesome time and can’t wait for the next comp. My next goal is to compete in Orlando, FL in October. The great thing about all the instructors is that they work to your pace. The more you push yourself, the more they’ll push you. I’ve had an amazing time at the studio and look forward to going and seeing everybody whenever I can. Can’t wait to see where things go from here :).

  14. 9-12-2011

    My fiance and I took lessons for our wedding, June 11th, and had a wonderful time. He did not want to go through with it, but after the first session he insisted we book more. We had an excellent instructor! She put us both at ease, and put together a beautiful dance for us. I would highly recommend Fred Astaire to anyone looking to learn. Whether just for fun or for a wedding, I think that you will have as much fun as we did!

  15. 1-25-2012

    Taneesa and I would like to thank Fred Astaire Studio and specially our dance instructor for working with us on such a short notice. She and the staff did an amazing job and all of our family and friends loved the dance.

    We have finally settled in Los Angeles. It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly three months. Time is flying.

    We look forward to visiting the studio again in the near future. We’ll be sure to make it one of our stops on our next visit to Indy.

    I hope you receive these images

    Take care,

    Kelvin & Taneesa Bunn
    Married: September 17, 2011
    Indiana Historical Society

  16. 2-12-2012

    We recently relocated to Indianapolis from California and were referred to Dan & Nicole for our continuted interest in competitive dancing. WOW! What a dynamic couple..They have certainly changed our dancing.

    We have won numberous events after starting our training with them. Whether dancing for fun or you have the
    “Dancing with the Stars” interest. We would suggest Dan & Nicole.

  17. 6-25-2012

    dancing would be a good outlet for those who want to overcome sorrows.

  18. 2-8-2013

    My sister and I joined back in October. What can I say it’s the best thing I have ever done. I have been a widow since March of 05. For the first time in my life it feels like I am living again. You will not find a better group of people, instructors, dancers and most of all family to be with. Each one of them have passion about their dancing. They absolutely love what they do. You can see that. They make you feel welcome and make you feel like family as well. It is healing for the soul & it is healing me. Their the greatest. I am learning to dance and loving each minute of it. Thanks to each one of them.

  19. 2-9-2013

    We have been taking lessins at Fred Astaire North for a few years and enjoy it tremendously. The freindly atmosphere in the studio and at all of the events they host makes everyone, students and visitors, feel very welcome. We consider everyone at the studio friends and we would never have been able to dance and compete like we do today without their support.

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