Supreme Gold Trophy

Premium Gold Trophy Program


The Supreme Gold Trophy Program is a further extension of the Gold Trophy Program, and is designed for the person who wishes to become an outstanding ballroom dancer.


As its name implies, the Supreme Gold standard is the ultimate in dance movement.


Gold Trophy

Gold Trophy Program


The Gold Program is for the person who wishes to become an excellent ballroom dancer. Gold dancers have the ability to convey emotion through dance, not only to their partners but to others who are watching them.


The Gold level dancer is an outstanding ballroom dancer. It is the highest level an amateur dancer can achieve. To a non-dancer, the Gold dancer may be mistaken for a professional because they have developed the poise and polish that comes with a complete and thorough knowledge of all the major ballroom dances.


Advanced style and poise in all of the ballroom dances sets the Gold dancer apart from all others.


Silver Trophy

Silver Trophy Program


The Silver Program is for the person who wishes to become an expressive, polished dancer distinguished by versatility and style in all the popular social dances.


Silver dancers stand out on the floor but not just because of the intricate steps they can do. It's their confidence and poise, the way they carry themselves, their ability to maneuver in a crowd and the fact that they don't appear to be thinking, but can laugh and talk while they dance!


Bronze Trophy

Premium Gold Trophy Program


The Bronze Trophy level is for you if you want to become a confident, master social dancer. It is the most popular standard for our students, and the first Trophy Program available to new students.


As a Bronze dancer you are considered fun to dance with because you know enough different dances and patterns to be able to cope with almost any dance situation.


At the Bronze level you are introduced to and eventually master the technique and style that makes each dance look and feel the way it should on the dance floor.